Trustworthy property management

Property management

Managing your property

Financial management

With financial management we will take care of the financial and administrative aspect of your property.

  • Maintain contact with the tenant
  • Automatic collecting of the rent and taking care of possible financial settlements
  • Maintaining the payments and rent arrears
  • We will send payment reminders or exhortations and, if necessary, contact a debt collector
  • Monthly reports on the receipts and expenses (rental statements)
  • Take care of rental increase and associated written notices
  • On request we will also take care of other issues
  • Prepare annual service cost statements and take care of the associated settlement
  • Monthly facturation of the rent and announcing automatic collections
  • Making up the rental agreements
  • Managing and taking care of the deposit
  • Yearly indexing

Technical management

The technical management of your property is crucial. After all, it is important that your property stays in a good shape and that the tenants complaints will be fixed fast and properly.

  • Quotations and price calculations beforehand
  • Our own handyman
  • Key management
  • We inform tenants in time about planned activities
  • Control the activities and inform the property owner and tenant
  • Control the notes and invoice it to the tenants when there are complaints and malfunctions
Robbert Wedding
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Nadat de verwarming het niet deed heb ik contact opgenomen met Budget Housing laat in de avond. Binnen 3 uur was het netjes opgelost.
Martijn Sales
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Ideaal dat de huur automatisch wordt geïncasseerd zodat de huur altijd tijdig is overgemaakt.
Feyza Ucak
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I recently used their services to rent our new house. I’m very pleased with what they can offer. They are very fast in responding and eager to solve problems. Very friendly service as well. We were very lucky to work with them!


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