Rent out your property furnished or unfurnished?

Are you in doubt...

Are you in doubt to rent out your property furnished or unfurnished? Furnished apartments and houses are very popular with expats, expats mostly have a temporary contracts at companies in Eindhoven and surroundings.

One of the most difficult decisions that a property owner needs to take is the choice between renting out his/her property furnished or unfurnished.

About 70% of the possible tenants at Budget Housing are looking for furnished apartments or houses and 30% for unfurnished. By furnishing your property you will, without a doubt, get the interest of a lot more possible tenants. A smaller group is looking for unfurnished apartments or houses, these are relatively a lot of families and people looking to rent your property for a long amount of time. Furthermore, we see that dutch want unfurnished apartments houses , the same goes for expats which are here in the Netherlands for a long amount of time.

  • In case you want to rent our your property furnished, Budget Housing’s advice is the following: design your property with the ideal tenant in your mind.
  • The interior has a big influence on the chance you rent out your property fast and to the ideal tenant, mostly even more than the location, the size or the lay-out. In other words, there is no need to worry about the interior if your aim is to get tenants with a high income.
  • And don’t forget, the way you arrange your property is of influence of how people will treat it: interior which is well taken care of will be used with care.

Try to keep it simple and aim for neutrality when you arrange your property. Taste is personal and neutrality is interesting for a larger group of people. Furthermore, people can easily make a neutral house their own.

Tenans expect to have modern equipment and provisions. Flatscreen-tv’s and microwaves are considered as standard. Equipment such as a toaster and a coffee machine needs to be in a good state.

Rent out your property inclusive or exclusive?

Most tenants want to rent a house with internet and tv subscription. Everybody knows that is an unpleasant job and a lot of work. Also, most of the tenant don’t really know how to fix these things in the Netherlands.

The same goes for gas, water and electricity. In the rental agreement we will put in a fee beforehand which will be added up to the rental price. During check-in of the property we will write down the meter readings. At the end of the contract we will write down the meter readings once again and Budget Housing will report everything what has been used by the tenant.

In case the tenant used more than agreed beforehand, the extra costs will be taken down from the deposit. Of course it is also possible to let the tenant take care of all the utilies. Our advise is to let the tenant take care of the utilities. The tenants will directly know how much they used and what they have to pay and the owners don’t need to worry about the consumptions. We also assist property owners with arranging the utilities, meaning that you don’t need to worry about that as well.

Curious about what we can mean for you?

Feel free to contact us Our specialist can tell you everything about what we can do for you as a property owner. At Budget Housing you are assured of professional service when renting out your studio.

Budget Housing rents out and manages many studio’s in Eindhoven and surroundings. We have a broad database with many possible tenants.

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Peter G
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Super makelaar - alles was snel geregeld en ze hebben goed geluisterd naar mijn wensen. Allemaal jonge mensen dus lekker informeel en ze snappen waar je naar op zoek bent. Ik zou ze zeker weer benaderen als ik weer ga verhuizen...
Fernando lopez santos
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Goede service en prettig contact. Erg blij met ons huis!
Jannus Van Veghel
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Via Budget Housing een mooie huurwoning gevonden. Ze zijn duidelijk en snel in de communicatie en ik ben erg tevreden over het gehuurde appartement.
Sander Breukink
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Werken snel, efficiënt en voor een goede prijs! Zijn daarnaast erg flexibel in werktijden en denken mee met de klant.
s schouten
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Ze hebben snel huurders gevonden. Goed meegedacht en alles geregeld. Helemaal top.
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